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BTB Analytics Ep. 4 | Hockey Viz

We’re over halfway through our preseason analytics mini-series for Beyond The Blade. We keep the high profile guests coming with Sean Tierney joining in the podcast in episode four.

We start off the discussion talking about how Sean got into creating hockey visuals with hockey data. Our discussion included the importance of adding context to visualizations to ensure that the meaning isn’t lost in the fast pace social media environment.

After that our focus shifted to the Sabres and Sean’s season projections for the club. We talked about some improvements that were made to the roster, particularly on defense. However, the big issue for him was the situation in goal.

At the end we touched on a few teams that some around the league be could undervaluing and one club that could be in for a slide down the standings next season.

You can listen to the full episode on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and at the link below.