Buffalo Sabres’ Reverse Retro Jersey Unveiled

The Sabres will wear the blue & gold goathead, as expected.

The NHL and adidas are unveiling each team’s Reverse Retro jersey on Thursday morning. As expected, the Buffalo Sabres’ Reverse Retro jersey features the old goathead logo, but in a blue and gold color scheme.

The goathead also features “raised dimensional treatments” with a raised eyebrow, horn and hair ruff to provide some texture to the design. On all 32 Reverse Retro designs, the NHL Shield is ‘remixed’ in orange and black colors.

Finally, the B with the sword returns as the shoulder patch.

My initial thought: it’s fine, but it’s nothing spectacular. I think it’s a bit underwhelming, but it’s made more difficult by the fact that we know the red & black goathead is returning. This simply can’t compare to the red & black version that’s coming as the third jersey.

Here’s a look at all 32 designs:

What are your thoughts on the Sabres’ Reverse Retro jerseys? What other design or elements would you have liked to see?