POLL: Do You Trade Jack Eichel?

Should Ike Take a Hike?

There are a whole lot of Jack Eichel trade rumors and proposals out there, and there are arguments to be made for trading him or keeping him, and if you do trade him, how much is enough to get back and will you be able to get fair value with his ongoing neck (and some might add attitude) issues.

As usual, I’m not going to lay out any charts or stats or knowledge here. We all know Jack is good, and there are much smarter hockey people than me on this site. They say content is king, and if that’s true then community is queen. And the queen is the most powerful piece on the board. So, this is a chance for you — the community — to express your opinion by voting and commenting below. What do you think?

This is going to be a simple Yes or No choice — you either want to trade him or you don’t. We’ll assume for this poll that we would get a fair return, whatever that means to you, but we won’t get a windfall and we won’t get robbed. Bottom line: do you think Jack is part of the Sabres’ future or do you think it’s time for Ike to take a hike?

Thanks for voting! And feel free to expand on your answer down in the comments.

Do You Trade Jack Eichel?

Trade Him1847
Keep Him1425

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