BTB Around The Atlantic | Ep. 4 - Montreal Canadiens

The Around The Atlantic series continues with the Montreal Canadiens

Anthony Sciandra put together the next installment of Beyond The Blade’s preseason Around The Atlantic series. In this episode he was joined by Patrik Bexell from Habs Eyes on the Prize to discuss the offseason and season outlook of the Montreal Canadiens.

They started the podcast by talking about the offseason with the Habs that included an offer sheet to star center Sebastian Aho. After that the Canadiens didn’t make a lot of big splashes but added to their depth on the blue line.

Patrik and Anthony got into Montreal’s outlook this season and the possibility of them being a playoff team after just missing last season. Patrik also shares some insight on the European leagues (SHL and KHL) since he’s located in Sweden.

You can listen to the full episode on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and at the link below. Up next in the series will be the Ottawa Senators.