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Buffalo Sabres Pick n’ Mix – Wk of 11/11

Yes it’s bad. There’s really nothing else to be said. Don’t be morose though, now you can indulge yourself in all those fall and winter hobbies you never had the time for. Don’t forget to get your picks in on Pick n’ Mix , here on Die By The Blade. The fantasy hockey game that doesn’t need cheat sheets, stats, pencils, or late night drafts. All you have to do is pick what you think your favorite team the Buffalo Sabres are going to do in any given week.

Here’s the Sabres’ schedule for the next few days.

11/12 – Buffalo Sabres vs Los Angeles Kings (Does Miller go up against Quick?)
11/15 – Buffalo Sabres vs Toronto Maple Leafs (Remember when we called them the Laffs?)
11/16 – Buffalo Sabres @ Toronto Maple Leafs (I don’t care, they’re still the Laffs)
11/19 – Buffalo Sabres vs St. Louis Blues (Leopold just had surgery)
11/21 – Buffalo Sabres @ Philadelphia Flyers (Could they be actually worse than us?)

We will need you to come up with the following picks –

1) winning team [W] (including a shootout winner) = H or V
2) goals [G] over/under in each game (O/U of 5.5 goals) = O or U
3) powerplay goals [PPG] over/under in each game (O/U of 1.5 goals) = O or U
4) penalty minutes [PIM] over/under in each game (O/U of 25 PIM) = O or U
5) scorer of the game-winning goal [GWG] (including a shootout winner)

Scoring is simple, one point for each correct answer, a max of five per game. You can submit your answers in the comments section of this post, in the form of (for example) –

H O O O Moulson
V U O O Kadri
H O O U McArthur
H O U U Ehrhoff
H O O O Giroux

It’s that easy! The game will close before puckdrop of the first game of the week, so we’ll need all your week’s picks in before that. If you miss the first game, you have until the second game of the week to play for that week. This will be season-long, so make sure you don’t miss any!

Good luck, and Go Sabres!

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