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Would The Sabres Be Willing To Bring Back Daniel Briere?

Since we have been focusing on the Philadelphia Flyers for the past few days, there has been one person that has been dominating the comments in all of our conversations, Danny Briere. Sabres fans still love Briere and has become more of a demigod after the contract fiasco in 2007. He haunts their dreams every time he puts together a fantastic performance in the playoffs and many fans would love to see him in the blue and gold again.

With the contract situation five years in the past, it makes sense to ask this question. Would the Buffalo Sabres actually bring back Daniel Briere into the fold?

Since leaving Buffalo, Briere has played 330 games and put up 267 points in five years. His playoff statistics are even more impressive with 72 points in 68 games. His 37 goals over five years during the playoffs are more than the Sabres have had as a team in the playoffs since he has left.

While trading for Briere may seem to make perfect sense, there are two things that have to be overcome for the trade to happen. First, the Sabres have to be willing to bring him back. There didn’t seem to be any animosity from the team when Briere left back in 2007 but the Sabres front office would also have to be admitting they made a mistake all those years ago when they bring him back. Swallowing one’s pride is tough, but when the admission comes many years later, it might be easier to do.

The second hiccup is whether Briere would be willing to come to Buffalo. Briere has a no-movement clause in his contract which means that he controls his own destiny in any trade talk. The Buffalo Sabres ownership situation has taken a dramatic change since he left in 2007. It has shown the commitment to winning that Briere questioned when he left the team. But, the coach and the general manager haven’t changed and that might be an issue in making the change. Does Briere still want to play for Lindy Ruff and Darcy Regier or have they left a bitter taste in his mouth still.

Any trade with the Flyers seems to be distant as both teams aren’t in the general lexicon with each other with Shane Doan and Bobby Ryan are still in play. As the offseason winds down, the two teams may realize that they are perfect for each other. But for many Sabres fans, the pipe dream of bringing back Briere has always been there.