DBTB Open Thread - Week of November 7th | Digging Deep

The Sabres have hit some adversity in recent games

Buffalo's sports bubble got a bit deflated this weekend with the Buffalo Sabres dropping a pair of close games on the road and then the Buffalo Bills pulling off a stinker in New Jersey yesterday afternoon.

This week at home promises to be a good test of the Sabres credentials as playoff contenders, first against a poor team they should easily beat with a couple of very strong teams on the schedule after that, including a visit from Jack Eichel.

Tue Nov 8th - Buffalo Sabres vs Arizona Coyotes (4-6-1), 7:00pm ET
Thu Nov 10th - Buffalo Sabres vs Vegas Golden Knights (11-2-0), 7:00pm ET
Sat Nov 12th - Buffalo Sabres vs Boston Bruins (10-2-0), 7:00pm ET

Use the comments below to discuss goings-on with the Sabres and the rest of the NHL for the week of November 7th.