DBTB Open Thread - Week of 4/10 | To The Very Last Week

DBTB Open Thread - Week of 4/10 | To The Very Last Week

The Sabres are still in it until the end of the regular season.

This might not be the year that the Buffalo Sabres and their fans will get to enjoy a second season as warmer weather approaches, but heck, they go pretty damn close and most of us did not expect this either.

Six of the eight playoff spots in the Eastern Conference have been settled, and it's just the two wildcard berths still up for grabs. The three teams ahead of the Sabres (6-3-1) –  Florida Panthers (6-4-0), New York Islanders (6-3-1), Pittsburgh Penguins (6-4-0) – have all also upped their games unfortunately and this means every one of Buffalo's last four games is a Game 7, and even going 4-0-0 might not be enough depending on what the other trio are doing.  

It'll be two back-to-backs to finish out the season for the Sabres.

Mon Apr 10th - Buffalo Sabres at New York Rangers (47-21-12, 3rd Met Div), 7pm ET

Tue Apr 11th - Buffalo Sabres at New Jersey Devils (50-22-8, 2nd Met Div), 7pm ET

Thu Apr 13th - Buffalo Sabres vs Ottawa Senators (38-35-7, 6th Atl Div), 7pm ET

Fri Apr 14th - Buffalo Sabres at Columbus Blue Jackets (24-47-8, 8th Met Div), 7:30pm ET

Use the comments below to discuss goings-on with the Sabres and what should be a pretty determining week in the NHL.