DBTB Open Thread: Week of 4/4 | Sabres are fun again

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Just like that, the Buffalo Sabres are gelling as a team and are fun to watch again. The roster has come together and under the coaching of Don Granato, are showing a lot more grit and jump than we have seen in Buffalo for over a decade.

The Sunday night loss was the first game in nine Buffalo didn’t pick up at least a point, but now things get infinitely harder especially this week with some very difficult games coming up down south.

The Sabres are currently 6th in the Atlantic Division and have a 25-34-11 record.

Buffalo Sabres vs Carolina Hurricanes (45-16-8, 1st Met), Tuesday 4/5 7:00pm,
Buffalo Sabres at Carolina Hurricanes (45-16-8, 1st Met), Thursday 4/7 7:30pm
Buffalo Sabres at Florida Panthers (48-15-6, 1st Atl), Friday 4/8 7:00pm
Buffalo Sabres at Tampa Bay Lightning (43-18-7, 3rd Atl), Sunday 4/10 5:00pm

This open thread is for discussing all matters Buffalo Sabres and NHL related for this week. Of course, you can talk about anything else you like too. Feel free to add any links to developing news items as the week goes on in the comments below.

Stay safe and let’s go Buffalo!

Here’s the link to last week’s open thread where we discussed a bunch of trades