Can you name all the Sabres by numbers?

Time to see if you can name the new Sabres only by their numbers.

The Buffalo Sabres have a new looks after the trade deadline, one that includes quite a few AHL callups and rarely-before-seen players. Times used to be that the franchise had so many long-tenured players that I could name the entire Sabres roster just using their numbers, but looking at last game's line combinations, I honestly had to look up about half of the players on the ice to remind me who they were.

So today we present that challenge to you. Can you name everyone on the Sabres roster (starting goalie included) from Tuesday's game just by looking at their numbers? To make the game a tiny bit easier, in addition to their number, we'll also give you one clue describing each player. Good luck, and let us know how many you get right in the comments!

6 - TANK!

12 - Leader

19 - Albatross

20 - Where's the h?

22 - Give him a chance, Ted.

26 -

35 - His name is better than his game.

37 - Good in the locker room, we hear.

41 - TANK!!

44 - Good at punching.

47 - Buy him, get one free.

49 - Contraction

51 - King of the healthy scratch.

55 - Golden boy (in more ways than one)

59 - Wins most improved this year.

61 - TANK!!!

63 - The only good one.

82 - Hello, ladies.

84 - #1 center material.

Click here for the previous game's roster, and let us know how many out of 19 you got right in the comments.