Evander Kane suspended for missing practice

The Sabres forward reportedly overslept and missed practice today.

Evander Kane spent this weekend in Toronto, watching the NBA All-Star Game with his sister. Today, he spent his morning in bed, oversleeping and missing practice. Tomorrow, he'll spend his evening in the press box rather than on the ice, having been suspended for one game by the Sabres.

Kane called Tim Murray and Dan Bylsma today to tell them he wouldn't be at practice, and Bylsma issued a short statement following the morning workout.

Kane has officially been suspended by the team for their game against the Ottawa Senators on Tuesday. The 24-year old was in the middle of a hot streak, scoring five goals in his last eight games, and was one goal off the team lead with 16 on the season.

This isn't the first time Kane has been in the news for the wrong reasons this season, and he did have his fair share of locker room critics in Winnipeg. But as other NHL superstars have shows this season, oversleeping and missing practice isn't the biggest offense in the world. Giving him a game out seems like the appropriate reaction here.

The Kane-less Sabres will take on the Ottawa Senators on Tuesday.