Evan Rodrigues scheduled for arbitration hearing today

If the Sabres and Rodrigues can’t agree on a new contract they’ll head to arbitration

Evan Rodrigues and the Buffalo Sabres are scheduled to have an arbitration hearing today. The two sides are able to negotiate on a new contract up until hearing begins. However, if they’re unable to come to terms it’ll go be fore a neutral arbitrator.

The Sabres have requested a one-year deal worth $1.5 million and Rodrigues has countered with a one-year deal at $2.65 million in their arbitration filings. It’s not uncommon for the two sides to be so far apart in this situation. The team will come in low and the player will be high. Likely resulting in the arbitrator deciding on something in the middle.

If the two sides go to arbitration the award will have to be a contract of one-year since that is what the Sabres offered. The team can offer one or two years in their filing. The arbitrator then must make a decision with the elected term.

We’ll keep an eye on this today and see how it shakes out.