Buffalo Sabres Announce Darcy Regier Extension

The Buffalo Sabres have announced that they have extended general manager Darcy Regier. The terms of the extension is unknown.

The organization has come to an agreement to extend Darcy Regier's contract here. I don't have any specifics on it, but it's something that between myself, Ted, and Darcy that both sides are happy with the arrangement and we look forward to continuing to work with Darcy into the future.

- Terry Pegula

With those two sentences, the Darcy Regier era of the Buffalo Sabres will continue for the foreseeable future. This annoucement may come as a surprise to may Sabres fans, as the team's performance over the next few years has been anything but desirable. The organization has faith in the way that Darcy has put together this team over the last couple of seasons and Terry feels that the hockey division is working together in harmony.

We work very well together and we are looking forward to the future. We have great communication in our hockey department, no egos. Everyone is pulling in the same direction and it's a very good situation there. Looking for players, drafting, free agents or whatever, it's almost like making a painting. Everyone has to be on the same team, you can't hold anybody's hand when you make a painting, you have to let them do their thing. It really runs very well behind the curtains.

With this announcement, the bulls eye has to be square on the back of head coach Lindy Ruff if this team does not succeed. With as long as Darcy and Lindy have been together, making some necessary changes may be more difficult that it seems.