Buffalo Sabres Daily Links: Tim Thomas To Take A Year Off

Here's your daily dose of Buffalo Sabres and NHL news, collected from the biggest tubes on the internet for your viewing pleasure.

- Paul Hamilton's report on the NHL Combine wrapping up. [WGR]

- The draft is extremely important to the Sabres as most of their team is made up of homegrown players. [Sabre Noise]

- The Sabres have neglected to re-sign Steven Shipley, Greg Sutch, and Cedrick Henley, all 2010 draft picks. [Sabres Prospects, Sabres Edge]

- Arctic Ice Hockey has mock'd the Sabres #12 selection, and it's my favorite name in the first round: Zegmus Girgensons. [Arctic Ice Hockey]

NHL Playoff News:

- Henrik Tallinder is ready to go for the Devils. [NHL.com]

- The development of Dustin Brown into a star player and leader has helped the Kings get to where they are. [ESPN]

- It's going to be very tough for the Devils to come back down 2-0. [Globe & Mail]

- Who Has The Better Playoff Beards, The Kings Or Devils? [SB Nation]

Around the NHL:

- Tim Thomas announced on Facebook that he'll be stepping away from hockey for a year. [Puck Daddy]

- NHL CBA Talks Set To Begin Soon; Salary Cap Temporarily Set At $70.3 Million. [SB Nation]

- Big-market success is helping the NHL become relevant again. [Buffalo Wins]