Buffalo Sabres Daily Links: Okay, Now We're REALLY In Must Win Mode

Here are you morning Buffalo Sabres links, served up hot and juicy from the freshest corners of the internet for your viewing pleasure.

- The Sabres very slim playoff hopes got a bit slimmer last night after losing to the New Jersey Devils 4-1. [The Buffalo News, WGR, In Lou We Trust, NHL.com]

- Don't expect the Sabres to be players for either Rick Nash [The Buffalo News] or Zach Parise, [The Hosers] but here are some thoughts on potential comers and goers. [Sabre Noise]

- Kris Baker just put out his updated top 25 Sabres prospects, just in time to talk trades. [Sabres Prospects]

- Watch various Sabres players answer questions about Valentine's Day. Also, Jason Pominville looks like The Fonz. [Sabres.com]

- Congratulations to the Detroit Red Wings for setting the NHL consecutive home wins record last night with their 21st in a row. [SB Nation, Puck Daddy, NHL.com, ESPN]

- The Rick Nash trade specualtion continues. [SB Nation, Globe & Mail, ESPN]

- Elliotte Friedman's got 30 more thoughts for you. [CBC]

- In honor of Valentine's Day, the top 10 NHL couples. [THN]