Buffalo Sabres Daily Links: Kings Look To Sweep Tonight

Here's your daily dose of Buffalo Sabres and NHL news, collected from the biggest tubes on the internet for your viewing pleasure.

- Strap yourselves in, folks. Kris Baker's mammoth Sabres draft preview will take you all day to read. Of course, it's also the best thing you'll do with yourself all day, so get started. [Sabres Prospects]

- This will certainly draw some controversy: why a Vanek for Nash swap makes sense for both the Sabres and Blue Jackets. [Trending Buffalo]

- The ninth edition of WGR's Scouting Session talks about highly ranked prospects recovering from injuries. [WGR]
- Kevin Snow puts together a list of the top 10 North American skaters as we get closer to the draft. [Sabres.com]

NHL Playoff News:

- The Kings will look to close out the series tonight at home. [NHL.com]

- Five factors that helped the Kings become the team they are. [ESPN]

- How steep are the odds against New Jersey? Steep. [NYT]

- Here are 4 ways the Devils can stay alive. [NHL.com]

- The TV ratings for the Cup Finals are at a five year low. [SB Nation]

- The top 10 saves of the playoffs. [Backhand Shelf]

Around the NHL:

- Is Brian Burke's job in Jeopardy? [Puck Daddy]

- Who impressed most at the NHL Combine? [THN]

- It's all about the benjamins when it comes to the NHL. [Buffalo Wins]