Buffalo Sabres Daily Links: Home At Last

The Buffalo Sabres are back in action tonight as they take on the Montreal Canadiens. The Sabres are now 4 points out of eighth place after Washington's win yesterday.

- Previews for tonight's game. [NHL.com, Sabres.com, Eyes on the Prize]

- WGR takes a look at the week ahead for the Sabres and their fellow playoff racers. [WGR]

- If the Sabres make the playoffs, they'll become the first team ever to do so after being in last place come February. [The Buffalo News]

- The ever touchy issue of the FNC's lack of crowd noise gets another treatise. [Buffalo Wins]

- Updates on Luke Adam [The Hosers] and the rest of the baby Sabres. [Sabres Prospects]

-As the GMs gather for their annual meetings, the uncertainty surrounding the expiring CBA could be the central topic of discussion. [ESPN]

- Speaking of which, we're not seriously thinking of bringing back the red line, are we? [Globe & Mail]

- With the NHL's awkward points system, .500 doesn't mean what it used to. [THN]

- Surprise surprise, Don Cherry said something prejudiced against non-Canadians. [Puck Daddy]

- The top 5 hockey fights from last week. [SB Nation]