Sabres To Announce New Third Jersey On Friday

After retiring their 40th anniversary blue and gold jersey, the Sabres are set to announce a new alternate sweater at Development Camp this Friday.

The Buffalo Sabres let the owner's daughter, Kelly Pegula, take over their Twitter feed for an hour or so yesterday for a Q and A session, and most of what came out was slightly fun but ultimately inconsequential nonsense like "What's your favorite concession stand?" (Soft serve ice cream) and "What's the capital of Arkansas?" (spoiler: it's Little Rock).

However, one very significant bit of information managed to squeeze through the cracks:

Yes, it appears the Sabres will be revealing a new alternate at the team's Friday development camp scrimmage, featuring a bunch of guys who will hopefully be wearing it in a few years.

The last one they had was for the team's 40th anniversary of being an NHL franchise, and despite looking pretty awesome, was only worn for a short time before being retired because, well, the team has now been around a bit longer than that.

So we're wondering what you'd like to see in a new third jersey? Personally, I'm hoping for another royal blue and bright gold combo, but let us know in the comments if you ant to see red and black make a comeback, or (god forbid) you're hoping for another slug jersey.

Either way, we'll find out in a few days.

UPDATE: Check out this Tweet from the usually-reliable Icethetics