Buffalo Sabres and the Expansion Draft: Who ya got, Defenseman Edition

<em>Who’s your pick for the best defender available to the Kraken?</em>

Next up...the defenseman! With the Skinner news, I don’t think much changes. Dahlin and Jokiharju should still be considered our two most valuable defenseman and sure-thing-protected assets for the expansion draft.

And for the sake of consistency, we’ll stick with the belief that the Sabres are submitting a 7 F - 3D - 1G protection list this weekend. 8 skaters & 1 goalie is more plausible with the Skinner news, but I still think it’s significantly still a worse decision from an asset management point that I won’t consider it :)

So, with that in mind, please vote for who you think does not get the third protected slot and would also be the “best” asset for the Kraken?  (excluding Irwin & Davidson)

Pick the defender who you think will NOT be protected by the Sabres AND is also the most attractive asset for the Kraken?

Rasmus Ristolainen270
Colin Miller514
Jake McCabe (UFA)174
William Borgen321