The Buffalo Sabres All-Star Team: Top Defensive Pairing

It's the next installment in our summer series designed to answer the question: If the Sabres franchise put out a full all-time team featuring twelve forwards, six defensemen, two goalies, and a coaching staff, who would be on it? Today, we ask you to nominate the top two defensemen.

A few weeks ago, we began our summer quest to fill out a full team of Buffalo Sabres All-Stars. Once per week, we're asking you to nominate and vote on a different aspect of that team, from the top scorers, to the minute eaters on defense, all the way down to the coaching staff.

Last week's vote for the fourth line forwards found Craig Ramsay, Don Luce, and Mike Foligno on a line that not only can do a bit of damage offensively, but can do some damage to their opponents health as well. Aside from that, this line might exhibit the most leadership out of all four lines so far, with Luce's Masterson trophy and dedication to the city of Buffalo, and the fact that all three guys went on to become assistant or head coaches in the NHL. And if worst comes to worse, Mike Foligno will lay the hammer down when called upon.

Here's who we've voted in so far - these players are no longer eligible for nomination:

Rick Martin - Gilbert Perreault - Rene Robert
Alexander Mogilny - Pat LaFontaine - Thomas Vanek
Dave Andreychuk - Dale Hawerchuk - Danny Gare
Craig Ramsay - Don Luce - Mike Foligno

Today's vote is for the top defensive pairing - this pair should be the top defenseman you'd trust not only to shut down their opponents, but also eat the big minutes and be able to contribute offensively and on special teams. These guys will be out against the other franchise's all-star team's top lines, so make those nominations and recs count.

How To Vote

  1. Search the comments to see if someone already nominated your players? If they have - just hit the "rec" button on their post to cast your vote! If not, go to step two.
    In the Subject field of your comment, nominate your three players by typing:
    Nominate: Martin-Perreault-Robert
  2. You can then fill in the Body field of your comment with your reasoning or other commentary.

Please make sure to follow the guidelines - any post not following the above format will not be considered, and only one nomination per user will be allowed. Voting on this pair of players will remain open until next Wednesday, when the next post goes up. Finally, try not to get ahead of the post at hand - other pairings, tenders, and coaches will be coming later in the summer.