Another one bites the dust: Sabres lose 10th game in a row

Pittsburgh shuts out Buffalo as embarrassment continues

Score: Penguins 3 | Sabres 0

Shots: PIT 34 | BUF 24

Sabres Goals:

Penguins Goals: Jake Guentzel (3), Sidney Crosby (10) (EN), Mark Jankowski (2) (EN)

Minus - 1 | The Torture Continues

If you are still watching this team, you deserve a medal (whether it is a medal of honor or dishonor is another story). Tonight’s shutout makes it 10 losses in a row. The Sabres have now been shut out in five games this season - the most in the entire league. And, for the math nerds: Buffalo has played 25 games so far. This means that in 20% of their games, they have not scored a goal.

Minus - 2 | SHOOT THE PUCK!

Buffalo tallied one shot on two power play chances tonight. Aside from the second period, the first and third periods were huge disappointments as far as shooting the puck was concerned - with only six in each. In this stretch of 10 losses, the Sabres only have a total of 17 goals. Clearly, this is not enough to win games let alone keep them competitive. What else is there to say at this point? It is hard to win when goals are not scored.

Plus - 1 | The Real MVPs

If fans caught the very beginning of the game, they were treated to Buffalo’s anthem singer Doug Allen - a true sight for sore eyes (and ears) during this trainwreck of a season. Fans were also given the gift of Rick Jeanneret's commentary which, unfortunately, we have been hearing less and less over these last few years. At the very least, we were graced with two icons tonight.

As far as hockey-playing goes, goaltender Carter Hutton actually had a solid game tonight - perhaps his best in a long time - and held the Penguins to just one goal (the final two goals were scored in the empty net). He had some great saves to keep the Sabres in the game, but he had no help offensively to give the team a fighting chance.

If you have not been discouraged from watching hockey entirely by now, the Sabres’ next game is at home on Monday, March 15th against the Capitals. Puck drop is at 7:00 PM on MSG.