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Announcing some changes to DBTB for the 2013-14 season

More Amerks Coverage

We’re pleased to announce the addition of a new writer for this season – Stephanie Delio will be writing a weekly Amerks post for us keeping Sabres fans up to date on the general state of the farm team. Stephanie also writes for Black & Blue & Gold, and she brings both her extensive fan-dom and organizational knowledge of the Amerks to our site. Look for her first post sometime this weekend. Welcome Stephanie!

We also have some writers who aren’t returning this season, and we’d like to thank everyone who’s written for DBTB over the past few seasons for their contributions. We’re growing significantly in both page views and comments every year, and that is due to both the writers we have for this site but much more so our readers. Thanks also to everyone who gives us your clicks and comments.

Increased Story Stream Usage

After each game, we’ll be using SBNation Story Stream functionality to condense all of our previews, threads, highlights, injury updates, and recaps for that game into one, easy-to-find place. You’ll find Story Streams in our river tagged with the “Sabres vs. BLANK Complete Coverage” headline, and clicking on that will give you access to all the articles we’ve written specifically about that game, though we’ll try to keep the recap on the front page for a few days after.

This will not only help condense our coverage into one hub per game, but will also help keep our river cleaner and will allow more stories to live longer and breathe on the front page. If you’re wondering why you can’t find a preview, Game Thread, or other story concerning last night’s game, check the “Complete Coverage” post.

More Readers = More Recs

A minor change, but it now takes three rec’s rather than two in order to “green” a comment or to highlight a FanPost or FanShot. We have more users reading and commenting now than ever, so we’re upping the rec requirements for now.

However, it still only takes one “flag” for a comment or story to be brought to our attention. If you feel that someone is trolling, flaming, being excessively vulgar or repetitively and unnecessarily negative, then hit the flag button on their comment to let us know.

Oh, and we’ve also got this thing below.

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