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Australian Ice Hockey League

Sydney Bears update - June 5 2016

A long overdue report on how our favorite AIHL team is doing

Bear League Hockey - Sydney Bears News Links

It's like Jack's Links, only from Down Under

Getting to know the Sydney Bears

We spoke with a couple of people in the Bears organization

Bears fall in home opener

Sydney Bears lose at home 6-3 against the CBR Brave as the AIHL kicks off

Sydney Bears News Links - April 21st 2016

It's like Jack's Links, only from Down Under

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The BEAR Necessities. An AIHL season preview.

A great look at some of the key Bears players and upcoming games

Die By The Bears! DBTB picks the Sydney Bears!

We'll be hanging out at the Bears' Den this summer

Pick an AIHL team - it's getting hot up in here

The Aussies have been wooing Sabres fans pretty heavily, we're going to a revote.

Q&A about Australian hockey with Hockey Down Under

We talked to an AIHL blog about the game's development in Australia

DBTB is going Down Under!

We're following the Australian Ice Hockey League now, what better way to get through another summer of no playoffs?