Reminiscing while looking ahead

Hi pals :)

Been a while since I wrote one of these, and I apologize this is probably more of an off-season fanpost, but the way we have been playing this year, particularly some of our best players, got me reminiscing about some of our best players of all time while trying to place our current players among them. No wrong opinions here (are they ever?), just fun hockey talk and I certainly appreciate the voice of our more experienced (not older) people. I was born in 1981 and my first real memories of the Sabres were Orange seats, We Will We Will Rock You( can't we bring that back?) and the LaFontaine/Turgeon trade shaking the world.

All that being said, some facts to get started:

All-time goals: Perreault
All-time points: Perreault
Most goals, season: Mogilny
Most points, season: LaFontaine
Most wins: Miller
Most losses: Miller
Best +/-: Ramsey
Most PP goals: Andreychuck
SH goals: Ramsey
Hatties: Martin
PIMs: Ray
Goals / game: know the rest
Assists/ game: See above
Sv %: Hasek
GAA: Hasek
Shutouts: You guessed it
Ryan Miller shutouts: Yea, that's a thing
Point shares: Hasek, Perreault, Miller

All stats taken from:

Please share some more if you want :)

Okay, here's my top 10 and please excuse my bias due to age:

1. Hasek
2. Perreault
3. LaFontaine
4. Drury
5. Briere
6. Tage
7. Dahlin
8. Mogilny
9. Ramsey
10. Peca

Honoraable mentions: Miller, Hawerchuck, Andreychuck, Ray, Gare, Martin, Robert

Oh, and before first is best: RJ

That list is liable to change in 1 minute. But, that's what I came up with now.

And yours?

Go Sabres!

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