Kim Pegula Update

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Many of you have probably seen this, but caugth my eye I thought I'd share my thoughts as well.

"Jessica Pegula: Mom Kim Pegula went into cardiac arrest in 2022"

Apparently Kim is still having significant issues with communication and will not be able to retain her duties as they were with the Bills and Sabres. From ESPN: "Kim Pegula contines to improve daily but is "dealing with significant expressive aphasia and significant memory issues," and while she continues to work hard in her recovery, "where she ends up is still unknown".

I write this because I've been a frequent critic of the Pegulas and remain so, especially early on in their management of the Sabres. I still think they blundered in many ways. However, in reading this and the fact that Kim still has a long way to go in recovery, I think of the human side of owning a sports franchise. This also gives more context to the Darren Hamlin tragedy in Cincinnati and one wonders how much the staff knew about Kim's condition while watching Darren struggle for life on the field.

While the Pegulas do have to answer to the horrible way the Sabres were run, I'm hoping that lessons learned will be applied and they just leave the management of the Bills and Sabres to people who know the sport. I also feel badly for the Pegulas and pray for Kim's recovery. Perspective is everything.

Hope your Tuesday is a good one.

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