What does the Future look like for the Sabres?

This is an exciting time to be a Sabres fan. What a difference a year makes!

The Sabres have a top 10 group of prospects and some current players breaking out into true NHL stars.

So, what does the future hold for this group. Who will go and who will stay?

Considering only the offensive side and the Sabres making no trades, who will not be on the team in 3 years?

I am going on the assumption that Skinner will be traded during his the last 2 years of his contract (Sabres will retain part of his salary)

We have 10 prospects that have a chance to make the Sabres in the next 3 years and that does not even include the 2023 draft.

Ostlund C LW

M Savoie RW

Kulich C LW RW

Viktor Neuchev LW

Isak Rosen LW

Prokhor Poltapov RW

Aleksandr Kisakov LW

Josh Bloom LW

Olivier Nadeau RW

Brett Murray LW

Of the current Sabres I think that Mitts, Z, Ox, Skinner, Asplund, Ollie, Jost will not be on the team.

Krebs will be a 4th line player or traded.

What will the Sabres lines look like in 3 years?

If the Sabres make no trades at all and just develop from within their system, they would field a pretty good team.

Rosen -Tage -Tuch

Kulich -Coz -Savoie

Kisakov /Neuchev -Ostlund -Quinn

Bloom /JJP -Krebs -/Nadeau/Poltapov

Who do you all think will be in the Sabres line-up in 3 years and who will be traded or be a bust?

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