Playoffs, whats the rush?? Could we even compete?

I think i would rather see Buffalo win a Stanley Cup than a Superbowl. Either in my lifetime would be nice. Born and raised a Buffaloian my heart beats with my sports teams and to see them win it all might be almost too much to take. With all that being said, the Sabres just are not ready to win in the playoffs. We are just not a complete enough team from coaching to defence to goaltending and even our offence seem like a 1 trick pony at times. Could we even make enough moves before the trade deadline to get in and compete??

I really dont think so, this is not a add a piece or 2 type fix. There is still a lot of growing to be done in all facets of our game and everyone would benefit with the real focus being on next year.

So take that approach when making moves before the trade deadline, get quality players thay want to be here and use our extra cap space wisely. But most importantly lets give guys like Mitts, VO a little more time this yr and next to see their full potential (i think VO is just gonna keep getting better and better)

We are in no rush and have plenty of space on the roster and guys we can move on from to bring in 1 or 2 guys that help us get in and compete in the playoffs next yr.

The Sabres will be very good for a long time and have a incredible foundation and core talent built up. They have been so exciting to watch this year, i just dont want to see them over pay and lose a VO or Mitts trying to reach for it this year.

I also think we need to consider some addition help behind the bench, not replacing Granato but adding some exp back there.

Lets Go Buff A Lo

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