An Insider’s Perspective – SB Nation/Vox Media Defunding (audio link provided)


For those of you interested, down below (in the Comments section) is a link to Broad Street Hockey. BSH is the SB Nation site for the Philadelphia Flyers.

BSH Radio produces a weekly podcast. One of its regular contributors is Stephanie Driver, who was SB Nation’s Editorial Manager until the bombshell announcement of Jan. 20.

Driver provides significant insight of what led up to Vox Media’s decision to defund all but six SB Nation NHL sites. BTW, it’s not the Original Six that remain.

There’s also discussion of what happened on the fateful day, along with conjecture about the future.

The main SB Nation/Vox Media discussion takes place from about the 8:05 mark through about 31:15. Much of the rest of the Podcast is dedicated to the Flyers.

The link below will take you to the BSH Radio page. Scroll down just below Gritty to find the audio connection.

On a personal note, listening to the BSH Podcast confirmed this contributor’s decision to discontinue providing free content to SB Nation/Vox Media as appropriate.

It also helped make the decision to double my contribution to the ongoing GoFundMe campaign much easier.

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