Vox Cuts

News is coming out that Vox is basically cutting off it's hockey SB nation sites. What a sad day. The writers and editors who've given so much of their time for little to no monetary return deserve better than Vox and I sincerely hope that devoted contributors like Melissa find gigs some place where their passion and talent will be appreciated and compensated fairly.

Who knows what DBTB will look like on the other end, but I sure hope an alternative presents itself because the day that I can't come to this site and talk Sabres with so many knowledge, friendly and enthusiastic fans will be a sad day indeed. This site has been a huge part of my fandom for the past ten or so years during a time when being a Sabres fan anywhere else has been difficult to say the least.

Cheers to all the contributors to this site who are getting the rug pulled from beneath them. Thanks for all you've done.

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