Season Outlook with Bad Injury Luck

Looking at season outlooks one major part that people assume is that a fully healthy team will be out there when projecting where they end up in the standings. Usually, key injuries are what holds a team back. Our team will only be as good as the depth we have.

To be realistic, I wanted to imagine a scenario where key contributors could be out for a meaningful number of games (40ish games each). By imagining a realistic bad injury scenario, we can manage expectations for this season. With this in mind, how well would this group do for the season?

For the forward group, let’s assume that Skinner, Tage, and Okposo are injured. Skinner and Thompson will be our main scoring leaders, and Okposo is the leader of the room, and essential to creating a good 4th line.


22- 19-77

The absence of a dependable scoring line will hurt us in games. But the young guys could potentially evolve and put up 2-3 goals a game at best. Olofsson & Mitts, Cozens & Tuch, and the Kid Line could be able to get us some inconsistent scoring, but we will still be dominated by good teams. Adding any of these 3 injured guys back to this lineup adds a lot.

For the defense, 2 injuries to our right side could hurt us immensely. Dahlin and Joki would definitely leave a hole in the Defense

23- 78
25- 46

With 5 key members out of the lineup, it would be similar to 2 years ago, which was a 54 point pace. I have more faith in the development of young players and depth of this squad. I think this team with bad luck could get 65 points.

By looking at the worst injury scenario, it makes me believe that if we have average luck, we could realistically get 85 points.

Let me know you guys think!

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