Who would you trade to Dallas to acquire Jason Robertson?

So I have heard from a number of sources that the Sabres are kicking the tires on a potential trade for RFA Jason Robertson.

He seems like the real deal. I am thinking we would need to put together a serious package in return. Also, it would be good to be able to possibly communicate with Robertson's agent, to see what they are looking for, contract-wise.

How about this:

Sabres aquire: Jason Robertson

Stars aquire: Victor Olofsson, Isak Rosen, Eric Portillo, Mats Lingren, 2023 First Round Pick.

Do you think that would be enough?

I thought about Matt Savoie instead of Rosen... That would probably get the deal done for sure.

What would you offer to get a player like Robertson? I look forward to hearing your ideas!

Let's Go Buffalo!

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