Joel Farabee (Flyers) -- Disc Replacement Surgery

This post is not strictly Sabres related, but with the similarities to the Jack Eichel situation, I thought I'd post it.

Farabee suffered an off-season injury lifting weights, and it was determined he needed disc replacement surgery. He underwent the procedure within days of the his diagnosis, and is expected to miss 3-to-4 months.

Story link provided below in comments section.

This is fascinating to me. And by that I mean the Eichel saga in compared to this one. I suspect similar injuries and similar procedures.

BTW, Farabee is an Upstate NY kid (Cicero). He grew up a Flyers fan due to familial connections to Philadelphia. So, it's my guess he won't soon/ever be arriving in Buffalo like our lifetime fan Alex Tuch.

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