GMFAD Silly Season Suggestion...

Here we go Sabre faithful, I've got a wild idea! I generally go overboard with what I give up, but hey, it's make believe!

Multi-team deal as follows:

Buffalo sends: Olofsson (50% retained) and a 2023 2nd (highest available)

Buffalo receives: Josh Bailey and William Dufour from the Islanders

Olofsson is a young sniper and the Islanders need both; youth and goals. Bailey is a cap dump for Lou who needs to sign Dobson and Romanov now, Wahlstrom and Barzal next year. We retain salary so we continue to reach the cap floor. Barzal is a natural playmaker, so Olof should compliment him nicely.

Babalou may not want to part with Dufour, but the cap space and pick requires a sweetener. A young, big-bodied forward, if Dufour doesn't make our team out of camp, he backfills for Jack or JJ in Rochester. We have three 2nd round picks next year and give up the highest for the prospect, and then...

Buffalo sends: Josh Bailey (50% retained), Jacob Bryson, Eric Portillo, 2025 1st (conditional)

Buffalo receives: Jacob Chychrun, 2025 2nd from the Yotes

No idea whether Chychrun actually wants out of Arizona or if Armstrong is just posturing for a big return. Doesn't matter. The big, hulking, former 1st round d-man needs a change of scenery and nothing says change like sand to snow. Arizona receives a proven veteran, a serviceable young d-man, a first rounder and a high-end goalie prospect. The 2nd we get back is one of four the Yotes have in 2025, so I don't think they will mind. (if Bryson doesn't tickle Armstrong, I'd go Joker or Johnson)

Chychrun (at 24 y/o) gives the Sabres another first round selection on the blue line...what?! His cap hit is very team friendly for the next three seasons so if things don't work out, you flip him at a deadline. I like Bryson, but eh, Bailey never unpacks his bags, Portillo gets his number one goalie job if he signs, and our 1st is lottery protected. The pick is also far enough out we may recoup it by that time.

All told we retain dead cap of 4.875M for 2 years and 2.3M for the third. We assume 4.6M for three years of Chychrun's deal, which is prove it or move it time. Next year 6M+ comes off the books for Okie and others we can replace from the farm.

Anxious for feedback.


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