Tre-living on the edge (A calgary proposal)

Forgive the pun, but you know I had to.

So Calgary huh. At least they do what's on the label (Fire emoji)
If I were Kevyn Adams, and thank the various gods I am not because A; he's actually good at this (it seems),and B; I could not emotionally handle that hairline, so infinite respect to the man for pulling off that double threat.

Anyway, I'm calling Brad Treliving and Here's my trade to try and help the man out of the hole he's found himself in, (and done an admirable job of navigating I have to say. it's a band hand, and he's found a way to play it and have flexibility, so Kudos to him)

To CGY: Victor Olofsson, Eric Portillo, 2023 2nd *

To BUF: Milan Lucic, Connor Zary.

*initially the Vegas pick. If Calgary miss the playoffs, the pick becomes the highest of any 2nd rounder in Sabres control. If Sabres make Playoffs and Zary plays 20+ games in '22-23 becomes a 1st instead, with Sabres retaining the choice to slide it to '24.

As I've made a habit of in these postulations lately, here's why:

They get a trigger man for a power-play (that has lost 2 all star caliber contributors) on an eminently manageable cap hit, with enough term to not be a problem now, and not so long as to get in the way if the bulldozers get called in to the roster for the 2023 off season. Eric Portillo is a well regarded Blue Chip prospect, who despite having the balance of negotiating power at the minute as he eyes going vback to school and free agency beyond, there is enough runway for Calgary to come to an arrangement with him, or to flip their own presumptive heir apparent G prospect in Dustin Wolf to pave the way to the big league for Portillo. Flexibility, options, rebuild or retool, they get to choose and aren't really locked down. Giving up Zary sucks, as he's arguably their top F prospect after Petellier who saw games last season, and is pencilled in this season, but shedding Lucic's contract and ticking the aforementioned boxes is a lot of wins.

Another top tier Forward prospect to the pool. That his most noted skill is his shot places him nicely in the mix with a player like Krebs, whose emerging proficiency is threading the needle in heavy traffic. A slam dunk addition on his own, but that kind of on paper synergy is difficult not to get psyched about.
The temptation is to straight up buy out the Lucic deal, but my inclination would be to try and send a future considerations to Seattle to take the guy at 50% retained. if that doesn't work, here's Casey Fitzgerald.
The conditions are pretty tame, but to make add more value potential, you hang a condition on Zary performing increasing the return to Calgary. it's unlikely, but I feel like if he lands and those conditions trigger, We'd be pretty stoked to let the pick go.

He has move protection, and we've seen Matt Murray exercise that right before the draft, and I can't fault the guy for doing it. Why would Milan be any different? well, the understanding would be we're taking his contract to move on again, I would expect he'd need to know he wasn't schlepping to Western New York before knowing his second destination which, fair enough, but at worst you're telling him he's a free agent now. at 34, with the game he's played his whole career, he could conceivably find a spot on a bottom feeder to cash another cheque, or just hang 'em up. exciting times for him, but either way, Calgary need him out, and why stick through whatever other mess is about to unfold in Southern Alberta.

That's how I go about that.
As ever, sound off below, let me know your thoughts, tweaks or adjustments you'd make, or even any interesting and obscure names you'd like to call me quantifying my lack of sense.

I also think it'd be interesting to see them then turn around and use the cap flexibility they just opened up to just straight up torch it by sending the '25 FLA 1st they got in the Tkachuk trade for a season of half price Pat Kane. But I suspect that's just me.

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