Trade for Debrincat?

Since Debrincat is allegedly on the trading block, I thought it would be interesting to acquire him. The Blackhawks could be on the verge of a rebuild, and we have some interesting pieces that might make a deal work for both sides. Rumor has it the current ask for him is a first rounder, young player, and good prospect. We have all of that, but can we make it work without sacrificing too much?

Let's start with Debrincat himself. Last year was fantastic for him, to my untrained eye. He was able to generate 78 points in 82 games played (41G, 37A), albeit with some excellent line mates. He's only 25, he wore the A for the hawks last year, can play either wing, and he's been a consistent producer for a while now. The only real knock is that he's only got one year left on his deal, but is an RFA with arbitration rights. We are obviously building for the future, so if a sizeable extension isn't part of the deal, might as well just stop right here. No sense paying for a rental with where we're at.

Let's assume he agrees in principle, and talk cost. We've been stockpiling picks and prospects for years, and while you can never have enough prospects in the pool, what are the odds they all turn out as well as Debrincat? The Blackhawks don't have a first this year due to the Seth Jones trade, and we have three first rounders, so that matches up well. There's no way the hawks accept anything less than #9, and I'm ok with that. While I'd at least try to negotiate for one of the later firsts, I just don't see them going for it. Next is a young player. We have tons of those, but who are we willing to part with? Our entire core is young, so a lot of them are borderline untouchable. One player that I'd be willing to move is Mitts. I love his heart, and he showed some flashes last year, but he still isn't there. And the injuries are concerning. Would the Hawks bet on his potential and the cap savings? Maybe, but I have my doubts. The more likely option is Oloffson. He put up some decent numbers while coming back from his injury, and became much more well rounded as a player. Once his shot gets back to normal, he could be a nice player moving forward. But if it comes down to one or the other, I'd take Debrincat. Last is the prospect. We have plenty of those, but we need to maintain the pipeline as we start handing out contracts in the next couple years. And guys like Quinn and Peterka who are about to make the jump are off the table. One name that I'd float is Eric Portillo. He's a solid prospect, with some good numbers in college. And for some reason, seems to not really have the support of GMKA. I mentioned elsewhere that in a recent article by WGR550, they mentioned it was odd that Adams never seems to mention Portillo when discussing goalies, unless specifically asked. If he's not in the plans, we'd be smart to get some value for him while we can. For the Hawks, they currently have a black hole in goal, from what I can see. Convince Portillo he's the future, and sign a couple stop gaps while he gets his feet wet in the AHL, and they could be ready to roll in a few years.

As for deployment, there's some options, depending on chemistry and such. In my ideal scenario, we trade Mitts and make Cozens second line center, with Debrincat and Ollie flanking him. This lets us give Krebs his shot as third center, with the likes of Quinn and JJP if they both make the jump. More likely, Ollie is traded, and maybe we see a second line of Debrincat, Mitts, and Cozens. Maybe Debrincat makes more sense on the first line, and Tuch or Skinner drop down one to play with Cozens or Mitts. Lots of options, based on who ends up on the final roster.

So there you have it. Is it a crazy idea? Hop in the comments and tell me how wrong I am. I'd add a poll, but I don't see the button to add one.

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