Buffalo Sabres-Braden Holtby connection is gaining traction


The Hockey Writers have made their case for the Buffalo Sabres to target Braden Holtby as the franchise’s next goaltender when free agency rolls around. It’s understanding that, if you are a fan of the Buffalo Sabres, to push for the team to sign a big name goaltender. But it also makes sense for general manager Kevyn Adams to build within the organization, which will help negate controversies at all positions and create more chemistry at both the AHL and NHL levels. This is why it makes the most sense to target a decent bridge player like Braden Holtby. While I had written once about Holtby last week, The Hockey Writers wrote a tremendous article on why he would be a great fit for the Sabres. So it is only appropriate to write a follow-up piece on the subject. World Juniors Live