What are they thinking?

This morning, the Isles fired their best coach in decades, Barry Trotz.

Despite having a historic road trip to start the season. Having a team decimated mid season by C-19 that the NHL failed to postpone games in a timely manner. Somehow Godfather Lou decided the oldest team in the league, with a lack of scoring punch, apparently just all fell on the coach, and not one bit at this feet.

Now why should we care?

Simple, without Barry, and how the team is constructed, I wouldn't expect the Isles to be a playoff team much longer. They're not in a great cap situation, and other than their starting goalie, and 1 D pair, they don't have consistent high level players that are on the right side of 30. Lou is going to keep running them stubbornly into the ground as he did with NJ.

But the Islanders loss is our gain, as they will soon be 1 less team to keep us from making the playoffs. It may not happen this next year, but it isn't far away. As much as it gave me a wry smirk this morning, especially talking with some friends who are Isles fans, it just makes me thankful we seem to be on a better path upward ourselves, insead of staring at the days of the dreaded fisherman jersey that they are.

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