Olivier Nadeau -- Signs Three-Year ELC

From the excellent Buffalo Hockey Beat -- link below in comments section

I've seen enough video to get the idea he's a sniper-type winger, and goal scorers are good to have.

What I'd like to know from our resident experts (McGee, Seneca, etc.), is his likely 2022-23 destination. He turned 19 in January, so I have to assume he's likely going back to Shawnigan next season should he not make the big club coming out of training camp.

Am I right in thinking that he and Josh Bloom (about to turn 19 in early June) can't play in the AHL until they're 20-years old?

I think there's a good chance the Amerks being in Laval is part of the timing here. Shawnigan has reached the semifinal stage of the QMJHL, and doesn't start its series against Quebec until Wednesday.

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