NCAA Frozen Four -- Sabres Prospects Featured (links)

The national semifinals are upon us. With four Sabres prospects front-and-center, there's been some feature stories (and video) produced in the last week that might not have been available had their teams not advanced.

Click the links below in the comment section for direct access. For whatever reason, that way works better in SB Nation Fanposts. Otherwise it's copy-and-paste, and who wants to work that hard?

For instance, you'll learn a more about Aaron Huglen and Ryan Johnson than you knew before. Especially Huglen, who missed much of the previous two seasons due to a significant injury.

Erik Portillo. The story and video links included make it clear he is the backbone and leader of a star studded Michigan team.

And as for Owen Power, not much. Strangely there's been very little feature writing dedicated to him. So there's no links to provide.

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