Would you make this draft day trade?

Bill Armstrong for Arizona has done a great job collecting draft picks.

The Buffalo Sabres have draft picks #9, #16 and #32

Arizona has #2, #30 and #31

If Armstrong decides he wants more picks and calls you on draft day and states he is willing to trade #2 pick for our # 9 and #16 would you make that trade.

If tankathon is perfect than we would select Nazar and Kasper with those picks. Az would select Slafkovsky.

If you do make the trade who do you pick? Wright is #1, tankathon says Slafvosky #2 or do you take Cooley or Savoie or Nemic?

Our world famous SenecaNation compares Slafkovsky to Ovie. So , I would make the trade and choose Slafvosky..

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