Can anyone explain the Josh Bloom Signing

This is more of a conversation starter than a true fan post. The Sabres signed Josh Bloom, their 18 year old 2021 3rd round draft pick, a week ago. He will play the rest of this season in Rochester on an amateur tryout contract, with his 3 year entry level contract starting in the 22-23 season. Bloom had a great season in the OHL scoring 30 goals with the same number of assists. Bloom is too young to play in the AHL next season, so all reports I've seen say he will return to the OHL next season if he does not make the Sabres roster.

I have never paid close attention to the intricacies and strategies of signing draft picks, but this one has me confused, unless the Sabres believe he has a real shot at.making the big team.

What is the upside of signing him now if he is likely to end up playing another season in the OHL? Do the Sabres believe he has a legitimate shot of making the NHL club out of camp next season? If not, why start the clock ticking on his entry contract this fall instead of waiting a year? did the Sabres just want to see what he looks like in a handful of Amerks games? Any insight would be appreciated.

Go Sabes!

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