Trade Deadline - Who stays, Who goes. What's your roster post deadline.

As the Title says, Who do you trade (doesn't matter the return unless he ends up in our line-up) Who do you keep. and who are YOUR Top 12 Forwards, Top 6 defenseman and Top 2 Goalies to finish the season. Basically who do YOU want to get a good look at (IE - Power, Peterka, Quinn, UPL?)

I am guessing we are all on the same page and see this as a further development opportunity.

I'm excited about who we will field in 2022, I see post deadline as a small Preview of next year without off season acquisitions. (For next year, we can use an established RW, RD and a reliable Goalie IMHO)

Ill be in Costa Rica when the deadline happens so I want to gorge on hypotheticals while I can. <smile>

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