Cederqvist to get a chance next year.

Hi guys!

i am Oskar Hållbus, a 25 year old who works as a camera operator in sports. Mostly i have been filming Djurgården in the SHL since i live in Stockholm. I am a huge AIK fan which makes it a bit tough for me everytime i hear the fans roaring. Luckily for me Djurgården is doing terrible this year even though William Eklund and Markus Sörensen joined pretty early on.

ive been watching every sabres game since BUF got the number one pick and it was clear it was going to be Rasmus. Its been time of frustrations as everyone already know but this year with all the young talent evolving its lovely to see the sabres play. However, since ive been filming Every Djurgården game this year, ive kept an extra eye on Cederqvist. He is really good this season even though the team is not, kinda like Tage. Cederqvist plays with heart and skill and i see him being a future sabres player in the coming years. His size is very good, as is his way to produce points.

Hopefully you guys already knew that he was blowing up this season, if not, now you know.

Take care!


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