It's so Crazy it may just work!!! (at very least it would be fun to watch)

I have maintained that we need a good goalie to split time with UPL, a RD to play with Power and an experience scoring RW. There are many names out there but I feel the Trade Route is the only way to fill the holes as FA may not want to sign here (Klingberg)

I think we can take a BIG step forward with the right moves but in the same breath don't want to mortgage the future by any means.

Not sure what we would have to offer up (feel free to recommend trade packages for my suggestions or your own)

I have seen a few fan posts and have pilfered my fav ideas and here's what I would love to see.

Goalie - Ville Husso or Georgiev or maybe Francouz to bridge the gap to UPL/Levi/Portillo

RD - Pry Adam Larsson away from Seattle (I think he would be a Great D partner for Power)

RW - Bring Patty Kane Home to finish his career!!

With the exodus of expiring contracts, the Group of young players here and on the way. I think we need to support them to move to the next level. I personally feel we are a Wild Card Candidate with these moves. We would only get better as the core improves. Question. Is it crazy enough it might just work?!?

If not what do YOU think we could do with the current roster to be a Wild Card threat as soon as next year?

I don't want to rush things but had Facebook share a memory (2011) of me running home to watch our last playoff game and it got me thinking what could get us back there soon...

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