Low investment, high reward?

Let me introduce you to goaltender Logan Thompson. He is the type of player I feel Kevyn Adams should be looking for to really help out the Bufflo Sabres without breaking the bank investment wise. He is 25 years old, six foot 4 inches and 200 pounds. Solid size for today's NHL goaltender. Logan is currently the top dog for Vegas's affiliate, the Silver Knights. He has just three NHL starts to his credit but he is 2-1 with a 1.94 gga and a .938 save percentage. Take a look at him here.

We all know the current state of Buffalo's goaltending. Anderson is 40 with no future here and Tokarski has not been the same since his return from covid. Neither should be on the Sabres roster next year. UPL should get more starts late this season and should be in the linup starting next season. But who do we pair with him? Forget Dell. Houser does not seem to be well thought of unfortunately, even though he has played well. Levi and Portillo, even if they sign this summer, are probably destined for a year or two of Amerks hockey first. So unless Adams pays up for a quality NHL goalie, he needs to get creative to find a tag team partner for UPL for the next few seasons. Enter a player like Thompson.

Take a look at his minor league stats here. Especially his time with the Silver Knights.

At 25, this guy looks NHL ready now and on the cusp of becoming a regular. I'm pretty certain Adams could swing a deal for this player that would not cost the Sabres much. Maybe a 3rd rounder? Maybe a mid level prospect or swap him out for Houser? Something affordable. A low level investment that could pay big dividends. Roll with the two minimal experience goalies in UPL and Thompson next year and see what we have. Either could excel, perhaps both even, but that young tandem should be solid enough to carry us through next season. Moreso than the 40 year old Anderson and a career minor leaguer in Tokarski. If they do underperform, well Levi and Portillo are not too far off after that. But there is a good chance here to come up with a steal in a player like Thompson. He could be a real gem for minimal investment.

I sure hope Adams is considering options like this. It's a bit of a hopeful wildcard but the rewards could be astronomical.

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