Zemgus, Extension or Contention?

Drafted in to the organization by Darcy Reiger waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2012, Before the infamous 'pain' statement, the now 28 yr old Grind line forward has been a workhorse fixture, filling just about every role you could imagine a player being tasked with. For a brief shining moment in the 2015 campaign under Ted Nolan he played top line center, dovetailing with a massive campaign out of his home Latvia to vote him to the All-star game. Which prompted the league to tighten their voting rules for the second to last time, cementing their stance on being aggressively anti-fun. He'd finish the season with a career high 30 points, with the Sabres finishing dead last, and managing to lose the draft lottery as well, which was for the best as they snapped up Sam Reinhart at #2, and kicked of years of #WrongSam nonsense from folks who wanted Sam Bennet instead (a situation, that has resolved itself hilariously, as both now play for the Panthers). This momentum however, would not last, the Sabres continued to flounder in futility, failing to draft, develop or trade their way out of the basement, and despite a consistency and general durability, #28 wouldn't again break the 20 point mark for the ensuing decade.

All of which leads to the question;

The deadline is rolling up, You're in the GM chair.
His agent has left a message, there are teams making inquiries.

Do you take the Blue pill, sign him to an extension? (how much?, how long?)
Do you take the red pill, send him packing (Where?, and for what return?)

I'm a sentimental sap. He's been there through thick and thin, a bright spot in darkness, always the silver lining.
He's getting on. Not OLD old, but certainly creeping up on the point you'd be leaning toward more money than term. He's got A skillset, He plays an effective bottom six role, is capable of scoring a goal and has got work ethic out the redacted.
Does he fit the template moving forward?
Do those attributes make him useful and valuable depth to a team pushing all the chips in?
Boston are monstrous, is he an affordable upgrade rental on their bottom 6 for a last swipe with the Bergeron core?
Colorado have a questionable 4th line.

I genuinely don't know what I would do.
How about you?

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