VGK End-of-Game Jersey's on ice

I felt the need to inform all Sabres fans that before you go and throw your Royal Blue Sabres jersey on the ice, I will happily take any Sabres jersey off your hands for free!

Long story short, after Eichel scored his 3rd goal in last weeks game I witnessed two Sabres fans throw their jersey's on the ice. The proud looks on their faces as they practically threw away $200+ made me yell out from the 300s "You F****** idiots!!!" To make matters worse, these "fans" were clapping afterwards as if they gained respect from all other fans around them. Losing sucks I get it. In all reality, we are still a young team and Vegas was 12-2 going into the game with no signs of slowing down.

So again, before you go throwing your jersey on the ice after our team loses to one of the top 3 teams in the league, just remember that there is a college student watching that would love to have that Royal Blue jersey for themselves.

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