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Buffalo Sabres Daily Links: Heading West

After taking Sunday off, we’re back for another week.

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Florida Panthers v Buffalo Sabres Photo by Kevin Hoffman/Getty Images

Happy Monday. I’m not sure how many people actually read this - hello, if you are! - but I took Sunday off from the daily links post. Since there were no NHL games on Sunday, and everyone was focused on the Buffalo Bills game anyways, I figured I deserved a day off.

Now, we’re back for another week filled with hockey as the Sabres head west for some late-night games.

Buffalo Sabres Links

NHL/Hockey Links

Today’s NHL Games

  • Ducks at Rangers, 7 pm
  • Coyotes at Maple Leafs, 7 pm
  • Panthers at Bruins, 7 pm
  • Penguins at Canadiens, 7 pm
  • Canucks at Capitals, 7 pm
  • Kings at Red Wings, 7 pm
  • Avalanche at Wild, 8 pm
  • Jets at Stars, 8:30 pm
  • Hurricanes at Kraken, 10 pm