An open letter to Rick Jeanneret

I can recall seeing maybe one or two of his most famous calls anywhere in the hockey Hall of Fame, But there are countless stories in the city of Buffalo of the first time anyone remembers hearing his voice. For me, the words "now do you believe!" are etched in my memory as the reason I am sabres fan (and the only reason I can still stand to watch…)

To Rick Jeannette, the voice that united every generation of sabres fan, thank you. For both bringing families around the television to swap stories of bygone decades (that is he was probably calling games during), and for being able to raise somebody’s heart rate simply with the tone of your voice and a shitty car stereo.

So, On April 20th, I’ll be watching, for one last run.

Thank you,

All sabres fans

P.S. to the pegulas — don’t screw this up please.

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