McGee, the Sabres have three first-round picks in 2022. Book It!

As this site's resident draft expert, my advice to you is sharpen your prospect pencil. There's work to do.

As I write this, Florida and Vegas are a combined 43-19-5. The Panthers and Golden Knights won't be finishing among the (un)lucky lottery pick winners this season, so it's just about dead certain Buffalo will pick three times on July 7.

The traded first-round picks won't come until the late 20s, or even into the 30s. That means GM Kevyn Adams and staff will have to be creative and clever if they wish to have a great night.

My choices are -- Matthew Savoie with the first pick, and hopefully one of Ryan Chesley or Seamus Casey are available late, late in the first round. I know both won't be, so the third pick comes down to BPA, IMO.

Or does the third pick go the way of a trade in order to move up for someone they really covet? It should be an interesting night.

McGee, what say you?

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